Slide QalbyApp Qalby, which means ‘My Heart’ in Arabic, is a super mobile application that provides trusted and updated content on Islamic education and

It is the 'go-to' application that is user-friendly for everyone to have access to Islamic materials without having to sift through numerous Islamic mobile applications and to leverage the power of media
in this modern technology era in sharing the right
content across the globe.
Vision To spread da’wah and the love of quran and Sunnah globally. Goal To provide an uber-interactive lifestyle community apps that will help to feed the soul with daily nourishment and Islamic knowledge.
Our tagline is Ignite Your Heart with The Light of Iman; through the main sources of the Quran and Sunnah, preservation through the increasing of ‘Ilm and ibaadah, and nurturing your Iman together with the Qalby community.

Our main mission is to provide an uber-interactive lifestyle community application that will help to track your Imaan and feed the soul with the daily nourishment it needs to grow through our main highlights; namely

1. Quran & Du’aa tagging
2. E-journaling with ‘Ilm notes and reflection
3. A gratitude journal
4. ‘Ilm class finders worldwide
5. Qalby Community with global outreach
6. Islamic app essentials (Qibla, Prayer Times, Adhan, etc.)

Whether you want to know the latest ‘Ilm Classes, memorise Quran/ Du’aa on-the-go, or e-journaling, you’ll love QalbyApp as it is designed for every Muslim to connect back to the source of light in their hearts through the teachings of The Quran and Sunnah at the swipe of a finger.

Mission We would like to express our gratitude and thank for their downloadable Quran, Translation and Recitations data resources which allowed us to complete our Quran feature. Meanwhile, for Du’a resources, we credit Al-Huda Institute for their Wa Iyyaka Nastaeen app, and also to our partners and individuals, who have directly or indirectly, contributed in helping us to complete this app.